Queens Football League is pleased to announce our collaboration with another league in the United States, the Women’s Football Alliance. Just like Queens Football League, they have a unique history of making tackle football more accessible to women, no matter where they are. Even better, it is the longest-running women’s tackle league in the world. In the last four decades since the existence of women’s football teams and leagues, there hasn’t been as much promising growth as the last ten years since the Women’s Football Alliance was established.

In 2009, female athletes were pleased to discover that the doors of the Women’s Football Alliance were open to them regardless of their financial status. This is the non-profit business model that is being mirrored by Queens Football League with a focus on bringing football to as many women as possible. As renowned leagues, we share the vision of encouraging women interested in playing football to follow their dreams and become professionals in their chosen field. The Women’s Football Alliance was the first women’s football league to participate in a National Championship at an NFL stadium. It was also the first to have its games aired on national television.

Now, Queens Football League is excited to form a long-lasting partnership with another league that supports the successful growth of women’s tackle football.

Why are we partnering with the Women’s Football Alliance?

It is no secret that the Women’s Football Alliance shares our passion for making league football accessible for female athletes anywhere in the world. With our collaboration with this league in the United States, women who play in Europe will have a chance to play in the United States and vice versa. This means that there is no barrier to playing anywhere in Europe if you’re a female athlete playing in the United States.

This is a huge deal for us as (single) teams, and all players can also become members of the QFL with no strings attached. For us, we are one step closer to achieving our lifelong dream of empowering female athletes with a big stage to display their football prowess. Members of the Queens Football League will have the chance to play in the Women’s Football Alliance.

We also have big plans for the future, including hosting events together, and the WFA will be in the Netherlands. All international girls, teams, and coaches are welcome. Cheers to accomplishing our vision for the game together!