0’30 Wolverines

Representing the fourth-largest city and a municipality of the Netherlands and also the forth team in the Queen’s Football League is the 0’30 Wolverines!

Their players are filled with spirits as old as their city and are all about handwork and commitment. The Wolverines are every football league’s dream team as they know what it takes to rise to the top and are always willing to put in the work to make it happen. You’ll find them training often as they know the work it takes to become champions.


It’s a delight to watch the Wolverines play as their team spirit adds to the charm of the game. The team members are women who love to challenge themselves to upgrade to their best versions. Therefore, they are constantly at it: training and working hard towards breaking the limitations of any kind. The enthusiasm of the Wolverines remains unmatched, and there will be a lot of cheering when they run-up to the field.

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