Almere Foxes

Named after the twelfth and last province of Netherlands, the Almere Foxes is the third team to be added to the QFL.

Before the entrance of the Almere Foxes into the QFL, football lovers in the Netherlands had watched as two teams dominated the field and increased their love for American Football. However, no one was prepared for the game-changing entrance of the Foxes into the QFL.


They are fast and know all aspects of the game like the back of their hands. Multifaceted just like their province, this team brings a lot to the beautiful game of football. They have been playing in the QFL for over a year and prove to be subtle about their moves, as their name suggests, always surprising their opponents. The Foxes are definitely here to stay, and with a lot of wins to their name, the other teams have their work cut out for them in the QFL.


As their love for the game grows, so does their dedication to stand out from the others. The Foxes are all about ruggedness.