Amsterdam Cats

The Amsterdam Cats is the very first team to join the Queen Football’s League, and ever since, they love the #1 position. They work hard and play even harder.

The Amsterdam Cats was born at a time when a lot of women were not being recognized for their passion for playing American Football. However, when people said they couldn’t, this team was created to show that they could, and they will. Since the Amsterdam Cats came to life, they have gone on to surpass the expectations of millions of people, with the team members showing the world that they have what it takes to play American Football as professionals.

They’ve grown with the QFL and are always excited when more teams are added to the league. To them, the more teams, the greater the glory. So far, the Amsterdam Cats have achieved extraordinary feats at the QFL, both as a formidable opponent and an ally to other teams. As they continue to play each season, they uncover new talents and increase the strength of their squad.