Eindhoven Valkyries

Representing Eindhoven, Valkyries is the seventh team in the Queens Football League.

The Valkyries are all about focusing on what matters most: American Football. This addition to the Queens Football League is one that gives room for a lot of surprises as they have what it takes to surpass the teams before them. Knowing that they have their work cut out for them, the Valkyries never relent in their efforts to become better at what they love.

Therefore, you will always find these team members training and working on their flaws. The friendly rivalry at the Queens Football League is higher with the arrival of the Eindhoven Valkyries. This exceptional team has no intention of settling for less than the top spot in the league. Their style of play is also worth looking forward to as these professionals put in a hundred and one percent to show millions of people around the world what the game is all about.