Representing the Hague and also the fifth team in the Queens Football League is the HAGUE BLACK SCORPIONS!

There is never a dull moment at the Queens Football League, and that is even more assured with the arrival of the Black Scorpions. With four teams before them, the Black Scorpions quickly had to prove that they have what it takes to stand side-by-side with the other teams. So far, they have done an impressive job of it, with their drive to never stop getting better.

This is a team to look out for as they don’t believe in barriers but exercise focus to attain their goals. Right now, their major one is to become the best team in the QFL. American Football just went a notch hotter with the arrival of the Black Scorpions. Each game, they demonstrate their love for the game and the team spirit that keeps them moving forward. You can feel their enthusiasm in the air every time they play on the field. The Black Scorpions believe in excellence through hard work.